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  • Delete Files Permanently 1.5

    delete files Permanently is file shredder software that permanent delete files from your PC. Built-in wiping schemes list: Peter Gutmann, US Army AR380-19, US DoD 5220.22-M, German VSITR, B Schneier, etc wipe files
  • AHHB Power Delete 1

    You can permanently delete the unwanted files from your system by using the AHHB Power delete 1 provided tool. You will must disable the utility after deleting files because then nobody will restore them by using even
  • Delete Duplicate Files Now 6.39

    delete Duplicate files - find, Remove and delete duplicate files, delete duplicate music and delete duplicate photos. Automatic duplicate removing software will delete duplicate files, delete duplicate music and photos.
  • Permanent Delete 1.0

    Permanent delete is a free utility that can be used to delete files/folders permanently so that no software can recover these files. You can choose from 3 deletion methods from fast and secure enough to slow and
  • File Pulverizer 5.0

    File Pulverizer will help you delete your files securely to prevent other people from recovering. Your deleted files and folders can be recovered by some UNdelete programs. This handy utility can delete your files and
  • MegaSweep 2.0.0

    utility that allows you to delete unwanted files from your entire workstation or server file system. With MegaSweep, you can easily create Profiles for files you want to delete from a directory, folder, drive or
  • Secure Delete 11.04.01

    Are you still confused about the procedure that could help you delete the files permanently from the hard drive then make use of Kernel file shredder utility. This is one such file shredder utility that provides the
  • PC File Deleter

    You can permanently delete your secure files with PC file delete. This handy and inclusive software utility gives you surety that your deleted files are not
  • SO Delete History 1.0

    SO delete History is a perfect browser and PC history cleaning software that helps you to delete all the traces of Internet and computer activities. SO delete History is PC and Browser data cleaning software that
  • Delete Duplicate Music Files Pro 9.37

    delete Duplicate Music files - with award-winning software. This program to delete duplicate music files in music collection and delete duplicate Mp3 music is designed to delete duplicate music and automatically delete
  • Path Too Long Utility - Full Version, Site license 1.4

    The incredible software utility Path Too Long makes it possible for you to copy or delete all those files and folders that has long paths or names. Actually these files and folders are created by virus/adware/different
  • EB Wipe 2.12

    WIPE is a data security utility that can erase data from a disk in such a way that it is extremely difficult to recover the data. Wipe can delete files that are up to 4 gigabytes in size, and can delete multiple files
  • Puran Disk Cleaner 1.0

    Puran Disk Cleaner is a free utility that can help you delete junk files from your computer to gain space. Main Features Scan and delete all the junk files in a click. Scan for Top 200 files on your computer. It
  • Files Terminator Free

    files Terminator free is an easy to use application that allows users to permanently delete their files and wipe free disk space. The utility protects the users Privacy by permanently delete sensitive documents,
  • Files Terminator Free Portable

    files Terminator free is an easy to use application that allows users to permanently delete their files and wipe free disk space. The utility protects the users Privacy by permanently delete sensitive documents,
  • DelinvFile 4.04

    If you are unable to delete invalid files DelinvFile is a utility that removes such data files and folders. It provides choice how you should delete the data with its user interface. You use the standard controls for
  • Delete Files Permanently (File Shredder) 3.0

    delete files Permanently is an advanced file shredder that allows you to permanently delete files, wipe free space, empty and wipe the Recycle Bin. delete files Permanently supports Windows 7, Vista, XP,
  • Hard Disk Scrubber for DOS 1.2

    Summit's Hard Disk Scrubber is a free Secure delete program designed to help you permanently destroy sensitive data from your PC. Use Hard Disk Scrubber to overwrite free space on your Windows drives, or to Permanently
  • Pocket Mechanic for WM Pocket PC 2.14

    The Best Storage Card Management utility: Format, Defragment, Scan and Repair, Benchmark, Test for Physical Errors, Securely delete files, Cleanup unused files. Features Normal and low-level format Defragment Scan and
  • Delete Duplicate Music 4.91

    delete Duplicate Music: How to delete duplicate music? Want to delete duplicate music files? delete duplicate music - easily with Duplicate Music Remover. delete duplicate music and delete duplicate music files, delete
  • Excel Delete All From Files Software 7.0

    Remove all items of a certain type from many Excel files. Features include: delete all pictures, delete all sheets except one, delete all shapes, delete all comments, delete all hyperlinks, delete all charts, delete all
  • Graveyard 1.32

    This free utility helps Mac users to delete a file: drag a file (also a group of files/Folders) and Graveyard delete it (them). Warning: Graveyard is more powerful than you think, it deletes all files/folders
  • Unlocker 1.9.2

    Unlocker is a very light software solution that helps rename, move or delete locked files with a single click and through a very simple yet efficient interface. Unlocker is a utility for bypassing some of the more
  • Printer Setup Repair 5.1.2

    Printer Setup Repair is designed to rectify situations where the Printer Setup utility will not open, printers cannot be added, CUPS fails to operate, and numerous other errors. Although Printer Setup Repair cannot fix
  • Sure Delete 5.1.1

    Remove data from any writable media. Sure delete is a tool to completely remove data from any writable media. Sure delete is an utility for Windows based computers to completely remove data from your hard drive. No
  • Long Path Files Copier 5.5

    delete invalid files - Long Path Tool - is a Windows utility that you can use to delete data files and folders that you are not able to delete using the standard Windows delete function. Long Path Tool provides a
  • Delete4Sure 1.00

    Securely overwrite and delete files. Spy tools and disk utilities can easily recover and display files previously deleted by Windows. delete4Sure protects your privacy by adding a secure delete command to Windows,
  • OpenedFilesView 1.40

    OpenedfilesView 1.40 is a useful utility which displays the list of all opened files on your system. Major Features: For each opened file, additional information is displayed: handle value, read/write/delete access,
  • EF AutoSync 1.01

    Easy to use folder syncronization software Easy to use folder syncronization software EF AutoSync is a brand-new utility brought to you by EFSoftware. This application enables users to easily backup their files by
  • SysUtils LAN Administration Utility 1.2

    SysUtils LAN Administration utility - the simple utility for network administration. It enables you to run executable files, install software silently, create, delete and change user accounts, change display settings,