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  • Delete Lines 1.1.0

    Delete/Filter lines from big text files (for example log files). If you have ever been confronted with the problem that you want to delete or filter
  • Remove (Delete) Duplicate Lines in Text File Software 7.0

    Search, find and eliminate duplicate lines or words in one or many text files. There is a feature to automatically backup your files before taking
  • Remove (Delete) Lines In Multiple Text Files Software 7.0

    This is the greatest software use to hastily transform batches of data without time consuming. While using this software, you can eliminate precise
  • Remove (Delete) Duplicate Lines & Words In Multiple Text Files Software 7.0

    Remove duplicate lines or words from one or more text files. One unique entry will
  • Double-V 1.1

    Double-V v1.1 is an easy-to-use and completely customizable vertical navigation menu with custom cursor support, support for special effects and
  • Double Top 1.0

    Steady your aim as you challenge a range of professional players to become the World Darts Champion. Do you have what it takes to keep cool under
  • Double Digger 1.5

    This game is a new MULTIPLAYER reincrnation of old good Digger with modern beautiful graphics, animation and dynamic visual effects. There's a
  • Double Password 1.21

    Want to be sure that no one except you can get easy access to your personal computer? Simply install Double Password! This program breaks fresh ground
  • Double Happy 2.0

    Double Happy is a social Tennis Doubles event organizer. It makes it simple and even fun, to run social doubles events for Tennis or any sport or
  • Double Snake 1.0

    This is the classic snakes game where you can play two snakes at the same time. In this game you control one snake with your left hand while
  • Double Text 3.0

    Double Text is a Repeat Text Writer. It makes duplication of complete and partial text documents and phrases intuitive and quick with one mouse
  • Double Bubble 1.5.0

    Get double the bubble for your trouble in the latest game to hit Fizzy. Don't let the tropical setting relax your mind too much - you'll need to be
  • Double Commander Beta

    Double Commander is a cross platform open source file manager with two panels side by side. It is inspired by Total Commander and features some new
  • Double Freecell 2.0

    Double down with Double Freecell. This version of the card game freecell is played with 2 decks, instead of one! Win Double Freecell by getting all
  • Double Image 7.0.28

    Double Image copies data from local, external or network drives. Backups can be performed with over 40 different disk file systems, CD/DVD and memory
  • Double Vision 3.0.0

    Watch online tv, movies and local video in a transparent browser while you work. The browser window will become "click-through" which means mouse
  • Double Solitaire 1.0

    Simple and addicting twist to regular klondike solitaire. Two decks with only four aces, ten columns and cards flipped by five. If you have ever been
  • Double Image-O 5.0.38

    You can use inclusive backup software Double Image-O for quickly copying single or all folders on local drives of your system. It has user friendly
  • Double Maze 1.00

    Wind through two labyrinths - simultaneously. Double Maze: Wind through two labyrinths -
  • Double Fractal 2.8A

    Double Fractal creates fractals Fractals are infinite complex images defined by a finite definition. We find in fractals a model to understand many
  • Double Driver 4.1.0

    You can see the installed drivers on your PC by using Double Driver program. You can use it to view installed drivers as well as to backup
  • A Double Story

    Quote, "Not that the child was a fool. Had she been, the wise woman would have only pitied and loved her, instead of feeling sick when she looked
  • Double-Clicker

    Double-Clicker is a project from the non-profit Autelic Association. The project goal is to help people who for one reason or another have difficulty
  • Double Anti-Spy

    Spyware become the nemesis of each computer user in the last years. The fear of having personal data stolen and posted on the internet or misused in
  • Double Pendulum Rev 2.2

    The Double Pendulum problem involves a pendulum hanging from a pendulum. It's easy to make one, but it's a pretty ferociously difficult mathematical
  • Double Patience 1.0

    A card game for two persons. It is also possible to play against a computer player. The game is a kind of Patience game in which you can move only one
  • Double Decker 1.0

    Double Decker Solitaire contains eight card solitaire games including Cotillion, Frog, Imaginary 13, Interregnum, Odd and Even, Precedence, Sultan and
  • Double Dragon for Neo Geo 1.0

    The game plays like a conventional fighting game of its time, that is battles are one-on-one and conducted on best two-out-of-three matches. One of
  • Double Defense 1.0

    - You must defend your king at all costs - Uprading your men is vital for survival. - Using the hold position command is crucial. - 44 levels. Tested
  • Double Trouble 1.0

    If we have to put it short, it would be like this: don't miss this game! Double Trouble for Palm OS is simple yet terribly addicting and fun! Game
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  • Delete Lines 1.1.0

    delete/Filter lines from big text files (for example log files). If you have ever been confronted with the problem that you want to delete or filter particular lines of a big text file, this free program is exactly what
  • Zeilen lschen 1.0.5

    delete/Filter lines from big text files (for example log files).If you have ever been confronted with the problem that you want to delete or filter particular lines of a big text file, this free program is exactly what
  • ClipCase

    Formats text in the system clipboard before you paste it in. Will strip special formatting, convert case, capitalize sentences, add hard-return-lines together, remove double spaces after periods, and delete blank lines.
  • CMEditor 3.61

    CMeditor File Text editor Small, handy text editor loaded with features. Edit or view large files.Mark blocks of lines for copy, move, delete, print, export to file. Import file, split file being viewed, search/replace
  • MS Word Duplicate Data Remove Software 7.0

    delete duplicate lines or words from MS Word. delete duplicate lines or words from one or more MS Word files. All redundant entries are eliminated, leaving behind only the unique entry. Word 2000 or higher
  • Delphi Code Formatter 1.0

    Programming editor for Delphi programmers with useful built in features like find text in files (Grep) and Syntax highlighting. Features: Formating of Delphi code. Changing of case, Triming spaces from selected
  • The Small Syndicate Lottery Checker 1.0

    The Small Syndicate Lottery Checker can check up to 42 lines. Use the Grid provided to store your Syndicate's numbers.Enter each line of six numbers row by row. They will be savedautomatically. Enter the Television Draw
  • PDF Editor Objects 5.0

    Edit PDF files just like a vector objects. You can select, scale, move and rotate all objects (text, pictures, lines etc.) with a few mouse clicks. With the tool "Free text edit" you can change existing text just like a
  • MetalScroll

    MetalScroll is an alternative for RockScroll, a Visual Studio add-in which replaces the editor scrollbar with a graphic representation of the code. Compared to the original, this version has a number of improvements: -
  • CSV Editor 1.0

    CSV editor Software is a comprehensive editor for modifying CSV files. This program includes: Save Changes, Save With double Quotes, Save With Different Separator (comma, semi-colon, tab, pipe-line, other user specified
  • Double Diamond Slots 1

    New gamblers play more in slots, such as double Diamond Slots. If you are fledgling at double Diamond Slots, then you need to get to know about these free slot machines with free spins. There are five reel. Totally lines
  • Able MIDI Editor 1.3

    Able MIDI editor is a great and inexpensive MIDI editor which enables you to easily compose your own ringtone or melody. Its basic functions include the potential to add and delete musical notes, adjust the pitch and
  • Double Pendulum Phase Space Model -

    The double Pendulum Phase Space Model shows a frictionless double pendulum that is driven periodically by an external source. The massless rigid pendulum rods are shown as straight lines. Masses are concentrated in the
  • IHEX Editor 1.1

    IHex is an editor of files written in Intel HEX format. Intel HEX editor and viewer is intended for manual editing of Intel HEX files. The program supports editing, inserting, deleting bytes and lines, splitting lines,
  • CSV Editor Software 7.0

    This software work as complete editor and allows you to modify CSV files. Its key features are you can Save Changes as well as it allow you to save with double Quotes or With Different Separator; you can export CSV To
  • PolyLines 1.0

    The Polylines Delphi Library provide vector lines that can be edited during runtime. TPolylines is a non-visual class, derived from TObject. It controls and manages all the lines (TPolyLine) The lines can be drawn on
  • Shell Object Editor 3.0

    Shell Object editor is used for not only editing but also for deleting shell objects. It is very safe because you cannot delete those shell objects that are not created by using this editor, and if you want to delete
  • CAD-KAS PDF Editor Objects 2.6

    CAD-KAS PDF editor Objects 2.6 provides a powerful tool for all users. Edit PDF files just like a vector objects. You can select, scale, move and rotate all objects (text, pictures, lines etc.) with a few mouse clicks.
  • PilotLines 1.0

    This is a truly remarkable game, similar to Atomica, double Trouble and Bejeweled. In fact, it is quite possible that lines is the true grandfather of them all. As far as we know, the first version of the game, named
  • Free WordPress App with Resale Rights 1.0

    Ever notice if you use your WYSIWYG HTML editor, then copy the code into your WordPress blog you get extra lines? That's because even when you paste your code into the html section of your WordPress Blog it creates
  • Japplis Toolbox For Mac 1.2.1

    Japplis Toolbox is a text utility. Japplis Toolbox is a compilation of text utilities in one application. It can encode and decode URL, Base64, Hex. It can convert numbers from/to binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal
  • GraphicsPath Code Conjurer Alpha

    GraphicsPath Code Conjurer is an editor for GraphicsPath object.. You can add lines, arcs, ellipses and is able to create the code lines for the path so you can use it and embed it in your own developing projects. GPCC
  • Cookie Editor 1.1

    Cookie editor is an application that helps you to manage cookies set by the browser. Cookie editor enables you to maintain the level of your privacy by allowing you to see, edit block or delete any unwanted cookies. It
  • Lump Tool 1.0.0007

    Lump Tool is a program similar to WinTex - the Doom WAD editor program. The main difference is that this program puts lumps in and gets them out as they are without any conversion - useful for MP3s, etc. Features - Join
  • DMcsvEditor 2.9

    A CSV (Comma Separated Values) editor A CSV (Comma Separated Values) editor DMcsveditor is a CSV editor that helps you edit, delete, add and modify records. DMcsveditor features : - CSV (Comma Separated Values)
  • Excel Delete All From Files Software 7.0

    Remove all items of a certain type from many Excel files. Features include: delete all pictures, delete all sheets except one, delete all shapes, delete all comments, delete all hyperlinks, delete all charts, delete all
  • uniCSVed 1.1

    uniCSVed is an easy and powerful CSV file editor, you can manipulate any CSV file, separated with any separator. edit, add, insert and delete items; import; change separator; add, delete columns; rearrange
  • Batch Text&Html Editor 2.3

    Batch Text&Html editor is a software for Win32 platforms, Win2k WinXP and Vista.It can batch edit text or html files, save your hard work and much time. Main
  • Uniq -

    Uniq: delete repeated
  • Visual Code Scan 1.0.13

    Visual Code Scan 6 was built to scan Visual Basic 6 projects for dead code, unused or undeclared variables, and functions with no return type or old style return declarations. It also extracts strings so they can be